Entries include offerings from Anthropic, A121 Labs, Stability AI, Baidu and Google; investors put $700M into generative AI in the first three months of…
Early studies show AI developers have options for reducing AI’s carbon footprint; some AI conferences now require info on CO2 emissions to be submitted…
Analysis of ChatGPT’s pricing shows its work is available at the rate of 13 cents/hour; Microsoft execs endorse the idea of government regulation of AI
Experience is low with tools, techniques for making AI explainable, with a skew so far toward helping engineers and mostly neglecting how models impact…

February 2023

But keeping the LLM’s responses within the bounds of decency will continue to be a challenge, as Microsoft and Meta have found with their early LLM…
Many self-driving car efforts have backed off promises about Level 5 autonomy, as they pursue automated assistance systems aimed at helping drivers
Some 240 organizations submitted comments over 18 months to get the framework to where it is today; reactions range from praiseworthy to skeptical
Startups seek lanes for LLM-based businesses, as alternative AI platforms with predictable costs for training models emerge

January 2023

Several Big Tech firms announced layoffs of thousands, followed by plans to expand use of AI, fueling fears of more job loss, however warranted
The US Supreme Court will weigh in soon on whether Section 230 remains as is or is modified, a decision with consequences either way
First came DALL-E for image generation, then ChatGPT for text, code, almost anything; and now we are in a tsunami of startup investment activity
The AI strategist is among new titles with non-technical roots; a 72-year-old US Congressman studies ML; a US-EU report advises on AI and the workforce